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Mold Inspection: A Guide How much are mold inspections? Mold inspections have different prizes and depends on the size of the area for inspection. There are other factors contributing to the cost of mold inspection other that the property size to be checked for molds. Mold inspections have been quoted for a minimum of three hundred dollars up to a maximum of three thousand dollars. The cost of the inspection is highly considered by consumers when choosing a person or a contractor to do the job. However, the price should not be the main consideration in choosing a mold inspector. Why are free mold inspections offered by some companies? Theories are only available on why free mold inspections are done by some companies. Should there be molds found, then the company that offers free inspection of mold would benefit from it by offering paid service to solve the client’s mold problems. Companies who has business in mind will find a way to find a mold during the inspection in order to offer the mold troubleshooting service. If the company that offers free mold inspection service doesn’t find any mold then they would not have any income generated indirectly from the free mold inspection.
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Does mold inspection differ from mold remediation or mold treatment? Of course they are different. Determination of growth of mold in a property of a building is done during a mold inspection. Questionnaires are usually given out which includes the building history, observations of symptoms by those who occupy the area, and others of the like, during the mold inspection. Fixing the mold problem of a building, a property or an area is referred to as mold remediation or mold treatment. There are several steps done during mold remediation or mold treatments.
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Who are qualified mold inspectors or mold inspection companies? Remember these reminders in looking for a qualified mold inspection company or mold inspector. Find a good mold inspector or a good mold inspection company as if you are trying to find the best doctor in town. Finding the good mold inspectors or mold inspection company would require patience and effort. People still make mistakes despite the diligence practice on finding the right service provider or company. Have at least two mold inspectors or mold inspection companies’ numbers on hand. Have these two service providers submit to you a quotation of their mold inspection and mold treatment or mold remediation service. You may want to ask your mold inspector or mold inspection company some questions to verify if they are qualified or not. You may want to have your mold inspector or mold inspection company provide documents certifying their qualifications.