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Consumer Saving Tips: Tips to Reduce Cost in Your Electricity Bill People rely on electricity to power our appliances for our air conditioning, heat and hot water, lights and electronic devices in our homes. As we consume more energy, our electric bills rise, and even more when we purchase additional electronic devices or appliances to address our needs and wants. To help you save energy and money, you can use energy-conserving products and strategies without compromising your comfort and sanity. You can also explore usage of renewable energy systems and buy clean electricity to provide power for your home such as installation and operation of small home renewable system, like solar panels or wind energy turbine. With the prices of commodities rising every time, it is better to get started being smart in the usage of electricity. The management and tips for saving electricity depends on he size and features of your home, your lifestyle and energy-consuming items. You can try these tips to save your energy consumption such as turning off unnecessary lights, using natural light, using task lighting, taking shorter showers, turning water off when washing hands or brushing teeth, fixing leaking faucet, adjusting water heater, unplugging unused electronics, ditching desktop computer, recycling or donating old television, managing thermostat, reducing kitchen heat, washing laundry in cold water, hanging laundry, tossing your towel in the dryer, unplugging second fridge, skipping heat-dry setting for your dishwasher and keeping the ideal temperature of your refrigerator. Identification of how much electricity your home electronics and appliances use can increase your understanding on how much money you are spending every time you use them. Usage of online electricity calculator amount utility providers’ website can help you estimate your cost to operate specific products and annual energy use. You can also install a house energy monitoring system, reviewing energy label for appliances and appliance usage monitors. Keeping a log for your electricity is also helpful, such as the cooking time when you use your microwave, the duration you work using your computer or watching television. Finding the wattage of your appliances on the bottom or the back can help you in following the recommended settings. Conserving electricity is important to save our mother nature from fast depletion of electricity resources. The energy sources we use comes from fossil fuels such as coal and petroleum providing us gas and power for our growing energy demands and needs, which are non-renewable that eventually they may run out through time. Always take responsibility and accountability for our your own electricity consumption, and strive to save energy for our children’s future, making this world a better place for them to live in.Lessons Learned from Years with Energy

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